Though this is a low profile election literally at the bottom of the ballot, Mark has garnered an impressive list of your precinct chairs, MUD district presidents and directors, and others who know Mark and his service to our neighbors. They know he will bring concerns of the water users (you!) to board of director deliberations. These include:



The grassroots Harris County GOP Executive Committee, consisting of GOP Precinct Chairs of the county, (voted unanimously to do so October 3, 2022)

Wayne Christian, Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) Chairman

Sid Miller, Texas Agriculture Commissioner

Dr. Tom Oliverson, Texas State Representative

Steve Toth, Texas State Representative

Mark Hermann, Harris County Constable-Precinct 4

Matt Rinaldi, Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

James Buntrock, Assoc Pastor, Glorious Way Church, 
Senate District 7 Chair, precinct 726 Chair

Tara Beulah, precinct 909 chair– Mark Ramsey is wholly capable and respected to do this job. He will keep taxpayers concerns at the forefront of his solutions. I’m proud to endorse him for position 4 of NHCRWA.

Melissa Rowell, precinct 480 chair and NHCRWA District 3 Challenger

David Barker, precinct 126 chair and NHCRWA District 2 Challenger

William “Bill” Ely, precinct 124 chair

Venita and Ronnie Odom, precinct 82 chair


Mack Miller, precinct 263 chair

Lisa McMinn, precinct 465 chair

Duane Banek, precinct 477 chair

DeAnna Snyder, precinct 503 chair

Karen McDaniel, precinct 514 chair

Martin Renteria, precinct 552 chair

John Karpiuk, precinct 615 chair

Mark Garrett, precinct 672 chair

Kristin Cobb, precinct 690 chair

Paul Jordan, precinct 874 chair

Ryan Hairell, precinct 955 chair

James Lillard, precinct 1048 chair

Steve Feldman, MUD President

Scott Kirkpatrick, MUD Vice President

Norman Adamek, MUD President

Russell Rush, MUD Board President and Precinct Chair

Nace Peard, MUD Board Member

Ed Swannie, MUD Director

Deborah Kelting, Senate District 7 State Republican Executive Committee Member

Carmen Montiel, Candidate for Congress

Debbie Riddle, former Texas State Representative District 150

David Jennings, “Big Jolly Politics” editor and City Councilman

Mike Riddle

Don Shackelford

Jerry Rubli

Jeff & Gina Guchereau

Sandy Caton

Gwen Bullock

Ray Smith

Scarlet MacGeorge

Teresa Thomas

Kim Valentine

Kathy LaFollette



And the list is growing daily by word of mouth!

(No contractors or consultants to MUD districts either!)


Note that while running for Congress, Mark Ramsey was quickly endorsed and recommended by many, which while not a part of the NHCRWA race, remains a testament to his character and abilities and long history of volunteer service to our communities.

“After considering candidates for the new Texas Congressional District 38, we at Texas Right to Life quickly and unanimously determined that Mark Ramsey has unmatched and proven Pro-Life values and credentials. He has shepherded Pro-Life Platform Planks in the Texas Platform and the Legislative Priorities of the Republican Party of Texas for many years. His hard work, taking advantage of every opportunity, has strengthened the Texas Platform and pushed Texas policies toward protecting Life.”

Texas Right to Life

“This is a big win. THSC endorsed the Washington DC backed candidate last election as the best choice. This year they chose Mark Ramsey!”

Texas Home School Coalition


“Mark has consistently supported us as we have worked to champion equal parenting in Texas. There are a number of federal laws that incentivize the removal of good fathers from the lives of their children. We need good representation in Congress to give a voice for Texas children. Mark is that voice.”

— Josh Jaros, Americans for Parental Equality

“Mark stood with us in the last Texas GOP convention. With his help and support we added Plank 94, which says, ‘Equal Parenting: We support legislation providing for equal parenting time [possession and access] for every child, when both parents are fit, willing, and able as it is in the best interest of the child.’ We need to support him in his run for District 38.”

Rustin Wright, American for Parental Equality

“Mark has been of great service to those of the new CD38 and a consistent proven effective champion of conservative issues and solutions.”

*Dr. Tom Oliverson, Representative Texas House Dist 130

*Quote does not reflect official endorsement.

“Mark is a great American. A great Texan and my friend. Mark is a true patriot. Mark is the kind of guy that if he told me he needed me to go with him and charge hell with water pistols, I would do it!”

Sid Miller, Texas Agricultural Commissioner

“One thing I have observed about Mark in his many grassroots leadership roles over the years:  He can’t make a decision unless he first consults his Bible, his pocket Constitution and then builds a spreadsheet. That’s what America First, Bible believing, Constitutional, Professional Engineers do. He is more than capable and I am proud to endorse Mark Ramsey for Texas Congressional District 38.”

James Buntrock, Associate Pastor – Glorious Way Church, Senate District 7 Chair, Precinct 0726 Chair

“We have known Mark Ramsey for several years and have seen him exhibit strong leadership qualities. While Mark served on the SREC, our many conversations with him on the issues proved he was open and forthcoming and showed a unique ability to explain his positions with honest assessments using a common-sense rationale. As chairman of the 2018 Republican State Platform Committee he demonstrated those qualities and showed the courage in standing up for the results of his hard work and he did it all on a volunteer basis. Mark has proven his competence as a leader in serving his constituents of Senate District 7. We enthusiastically support and endorse Mark Ramsey for Texas Congressional District 38 to represent us as a solid and reliable conservative voice.”

Jack DuBose, Chairman, Real County Republican Party & Terri DuBose, Former SREC, SD19

“I have known and worked with Mark Ramsey for many years in the fight for our religious freedom, defense of marriage and family, constitutional government and more. He is someone I have turned to for his experience and knowledge on legislative procedures to fighting for a strong Republican Party Platform. Mark’s record as a principled, constitutional leader as well as a warrior who will stand strong are desperately needed in Congress!”

Rev. Dave Welch, President, U.S. Pastor Council

*Quote does not reflect official endorsement.

Elected Officials


  • Sid Miller, Texas Agricultural Commissioner
  • Wayne Christian, Chairman, Texas Railroad Commissioner
  • Mayes Middleton, Representative Texas House District 11, Chair of Texas Freedom Caucus
  • Steve Toth, Representative Texas House District 15, Texas Freedom Caucus
  • Briscoe Cain, Representative Texas House District 128 Texas Freedom Caucus
  • Kyle Biederman, Representative Texas House District 73 Texas Freedom Caucus
  • Hon. Michael Massengale, Former Appellate Justice on the First Court of Appeals
  • Rick Miller, Former Representative Texas House Dist 26, Navy Aviator
  • Derek Townsend, Tomball City Councilmember
  • Gail Lowe, Former Chair Texas State Board of Education
  • Ken Mercer, Former Texas State Board of Education
  • David Bradley, Former Texas State Board of Education
  • Charlie Garza, Decorated Navy Submariner, Former School Board of Education Member, SREC
  • Terry Leo Wilson, Former State Board of Education Member and SREC District 7
  • Dale Inman, Pastor, Conroe ISD School Board, Precinct Chair, 2020 State Legislative Priorities Committee 
  • Scott Bowen, Clear Creek ISD Board of Trustees Member, HCRP Precinct Chair 0416
    • Josh Flynn, Former Harris County Board of Trustees Member, Precinct Chair 0407


    • Texas Right to Life
    • Texas Home School Coalition
    • Texas Values Action
    • Grassroots America, We the People
    • Americans for Parental Equality
    • Kingwood Tea Party
    • The Conservative Republicans of Texas
    • Texas Conservative Review 
    • The Link Letter
    • Conservative Coalition of Harris County
    • POLICE, INC.
    • BizPac
    • The Golden Hammer
    • Texans for True Conservatives

    Grassroots Activists and Community Leaders

    • Dr. Robin Armstrong, Republican Party of Texas, National Committeeman
    • Cathie Adams, President of Texas Eagle Forum, Former Chair of the Republican Party of Texas 
    • Robin and Jim Lennon, Kingwood Tea Party
    • Julie & Fred McCarty, Founder True Texas Project
    • Matt Stringer, Chairman Electoral College, State of Texas-2020
    • Jon Bouche, Lone Star Ground Water Conservation Board
    • “Butch” Davis, former Parliamentarian of the Republican Party of Texas
    • Dave Wilson, Former Director, Cypress Tea Party and Galveston County SD11 Chair
    • Rick Green, “America’s Constitution Coach”, Patriot Academy, & “Host of David Barton’s Wallbuilders Live! Radio”
    • Donna Garner, Ret Teacher, Writer, Activist
    • Kelly Shackelford, Liberty Institute
    • Jared Woodfill, Former Harris County Republican Chair 
    • Austin Griesinger – Former Legislative Fellow for TPPF
    • Alma Perez-Jackson, Former Republican Party of Texas, Vice Chair and SREC
    • Jack DuBose, Chairman, Real County Republican Party & Terri DuBose, Former SREC, SD19
    • Bonnie Lugo, Former SREC 13 and Pres of Daughters of Liberty Republican Women
    • David Covey, SREC 3
    • Deborah Kelting Fite, SREC 7
    • Tom Nobis, SREC 7
    • Karl Voightsberger, SREC 8
    • Tanya Robertson, SREC 11
    • Jill Glover, SREC 12, Legislative Priorities Cmt Chair
    • David Wylie, SREC 12
    • Olga Lasher, SREC 14
    • Rolando Garcia, SREC 15, SD 15 Chair, Precinct 0033 Chair
    • Susan Fountain, SREC 16 & Exec Director of Dallas Cty
    • Matthew Patrick, SREC 16
    • Naomi Narvaiz, SREC 21
    • Terry Harper, SREC 21
    • Pastor Stephen Broden, SREC 23
    • Mark Dunham, SREC 29
    • Sam Dalton, Former SREC 20
    • Danny Pelton, Former SREC 30
    • Sue Evenwel, Former SREC 1
    • Skeet Workman, Former SREC 28
    • Jason Moore, Former SREC 31
    • Tom Roller, Former SREC 31
    • Tom Moon, Former SREC 7
    • David Bellow, Former SREC, Americans for Equal Parenting
    • Jeneria Lewis, Former SREC
    • Randall Dunning, Former SREC
    • Bill Eastland, Former SREC
    • James Buntrock, Assoc Pastor, Glorious Way Church, SD 7 Chair, Precinct 0726 Chair
    • Howard Barker, Precinct Chair 0049
    • Venita Odom, Precinct Chair 0082
    • Cindy Adamek, Precinct Chair 0110
    • William “Bill” Ely, Precinct Chair 0124
    • Russell R Rush, Precinct Chair 0155
    • Aaron Cichon, Precinct Chair 0233
    • Matthew Skaggs, Precinct Chair 0245
    • Joan Alford, Precinct Chair 0265
    • Resa Clarke, Precinct Chair 0273
    • Catherine O’Briant, Precinct Chair 0370
    • Damian Derby, Precinct Chair 0438
    • Damian Derby, Precinct Chair 0438
    • Nancy Scott, Precinct Chair 0461
    • Rodney Deschamps, Precinct Chair 0479
    • Melissa Rowell, Precinct Chair 0480
    • Ralph Fite, Precinct Chair 0499
    • Ashley Rubli, Precinct Chair 0503
    • Debra Pannell, Precinct 0513
    • Karen McDaniel, Precinct Chair 0514
    • Martin Renteria, Precinct Chair 0552
    • Alexie Swirsky, Precinct Chair 0597
    • Linda Nuttall, Precinct Chair 0622
    • Donald McKenty, Precinct Chair 0640
    • Amy Powell, Precinct Chair 0641
    • Christine Kalmbach, Precinct Chair 0642
    • Russell Metzler, Precinct Chair 0643
    • Elizabeth Carson, Precinct Chair 0648
    • Tahir H. Bhatti, Precinct Chair 0660
    • Thomas Bazan, Precinct Chair 0661
    • Robert Williams, Precinct Chair 0667
    • Mark Garrett, Precinct Chair 0672
    • JR Haas, Precinct Chair 0684
    • Teri Rostron, Precinct Chair 0688
    • Daniel Lindstrom, Precinct Chair 0713
    • Joseph McReynolds, Precinct Chair 0730
    • Dan Comstock, Precinct Chair 759
    • James Finigan, Precinct Chair 0806
    • Theresa Johns, Precinct Chair 0817
    • J.K. Worah, Precinct Chair 0861
    • Joan T. Neuhaus, Precinct Chair 0906
    • Ronald Chapman, Precinct Chair 0980
    • Mark Klecka, Former Precinct Chair 0828
    • Alex & Molly McCoy, Former Precinct Chair 0876
    • Terry Allbritton, Precinct Chair 0923
    • Bill and Beth Wilson, Former Precinct Chair
    • Keith Payne, Former Precinct Chair
    • Virgil Vickery, Former Precinct Chair
    • Stuart Mayper, Precinct Chair
    • Virgil Vickery, Precinct Chair
    • Perky Savage, Precinct Chair
    • Maureen Ball, Precinct Chair
    • Liz Phillips, Precinct Chair

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