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Meet Mark Ramsey

As a registered professional engineer in oil and gas, Mark brings a “problem solving” mentality to the job, along with high ethical standards. Mark is a Houston native, a graduate of Klein High, Texas Tech, and a 4th generation Texan, living in CD38 for over 35 years. Politically, Mark has a long track record of working for conservative issues.

“I have served the people of the new Texas Congressional District 38 faithfully, including representing Senate District 7 on the State Republican Executive Committee for eight years. I would consider it a great honor to have your vote to represent Texas’ Congressional District 38.  I am a Christian and champion of conservative social and economic values, all viewed through a Constitutional lens. I trust you also know that I keep my word, value integrity, and promote full transparency!” – Mark Ramsey

The Issues

Mark Ramsey helped to WRITE the grassroots Republican Party of Texas Platform and the Legislative Priorities. Below are a few of those issues, but rest assured Ramsey’s guidebooks on issues include the GOP Platform and the Legislative Priorities!


Open the great American economic engine back up, eliminate over-regulation, free the private sector to innovate.


Seal our southern border against illegal immigration. Stop illegal immigration. Reduce legal immigration but process legal applicants faster.

Size of government

Immediate hiring and budget freezes.
Sunset provisions for agencies.
Ban Taxpayer Funded Lobbying!


Life begins at conception and there should be no compromises in protecting it!


Cut taxes at every opportunity.


No Mandates! No vaccination mandates by government or private sector. Period.

Election integrity

Restore faith in our elections. No compromises.

Support Families, Churches and Judeo-Christian Values

Restore our culture and require “Family and Faith Impact Statements” on every agency rule and law before enactment. Ban child mutilation! 

School choice

Get Washington, D.C. out of local education. School choice by parents is paramount!
No CRT indoctrination.
No drag queen story hours!

Term limits

I will vote for all term limit legislation. No exceptions.

Oil and gas

Clean, abundant, affordable energy benefits everyone. It is also organic so it is inherently biodegradable, unlike Washington D.C. and United Nations promoted global schemes.

Foreign policy

Stop sending US taxpayer dollars to corrupt countries who don’t like us. 
Always support Israel!

Global climate change war

Washington, D.C. needs to stop using taxpayer funds to subsidize unsustainable and expensive energy alternatives. D.C. should never  be picking “winners and losers” in our economy. Climate taxes of any sort are destructive to high paying oil and gas jobs in the Houston area and elsewhere and will hurt families and local economies.  The U.N. should never be in charge of programs such as this.


Censorship of all forms should be immediately halted, whether by government, political parties, or big tech and media. Porn, however, should be prosecuted and kept from our children.


Our lives and those of our families are best when we are in charge of decisions and responsibilities, NOT governments. Government should be as inconsequential to our lives as possible.

“Government is not the solution to the problem: government is the problem.”

– R. Reagan

Know them by their votes

A Long-time conservative activist

Volunteering and advocating persuasively for a wide variety of grassroots conservative Christian issues for two decadesalways moving the so-called “Overton Window” to the right and opening up transparency of operations at all levels.

Endorsed by Many

In just a little over ONE DAY from filing, Mark received endorsements from dozens of grassroots colleagues on the precinct, county, and state level. He also has several local elected officials, statewide elected officials, grassroots organizations. Numerous State board members, conservative elected legislators have stepped up to help Mark Ramsey!

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A persuasive advocate of conservative issues

Mark clearly won the first and second  Candidate Forums held at the Glorious Way Church out of 10 candidates, one of whom was a no-show.

“Mark is a great American. A great Texan and my friend. Mark is a true patriot. Mark is the kind of guy that if he told me he needed me to go with him and charge hell with water pistols, I would do it!”

Sid MillerTexas Agriculture Commissioner.

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